Friday, September 7, 2012

the great undecided

Who are these undecided voters in the upcoming election?  The choice has been so clear for so long, how can anyone still not have made their choice?

I particularly wonder about the swing states.  Do these people not know how critical their votes are?

I am hoping that the debates on Wednesday may ratchet up the interest and get some blood flowing in what has been an otherwise pretty bloodless competition.  I guess there has been some bleeding around the gums from all the mealy-mouthed excuse making...

And what's with all the pundits assuming that people in New Hampshire will vote for Mitt Romney because he is from a neighboring state?  Don't they realize how long ago they started calling it "Taxachusetts"?  No love lost there.   I just saw John Sununu claiming that a recent poll in NH was "garbage" because it put Obama up by double digits.  Of course the base will hold their noses and vote against Obama, but politics is a thinking man's (and woman's) sport in New England, played on long-established fields with rules like "good fences make good neighbors".  This part of the country has never been a one-issue voting bloc, so Republicans might want to hedge their bets.