Saturday, February 10, 2018

figure skater guy at olympics korea no skates? wtf?

Mount olympus today

So you stand up, the two of you, drunk or tipsy, and he looks down.
actally he would look down only a couple times, not him.  lookig out, like watching the hawks.

It's the palisades, you are at the edge of a cliff. literally.  the husband facing outward, wife in.  life insurace scam, etc.?

just like camera roped to rock, actress not.  Like pic in lobby.  3D reconstruction of scene.

same crime could now be re-examined in detail as its 1984.  cameras everyewhere, watching every move.  there is no privacy.  ready player one?

were almost there.  but it's more like the truman show.  timeline used as a verb...they timelined it carefully:
granularity of time on stun.  they timed the intervals between camera scans, could erase themselves from all.
think of the usefullness of that.  what if she were the codewriter who could do this?

So I know Korea can be cold, right, and it snows?