Thursday, November 21, 2013

the hebrew word for "cling"

after listening to a lot, I think I understand why so so many Jews become Buddhists.  It is the exact opposite.  Judaism is all about clinging, and Buddhism is all about "letting go". Sorry to over-simplify, but this is important.   I read this fascinating piece in the New Yorker about a Hungarian right-wing extremist anti-Semite who ultimately discovered his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor.  He contactacted a Lubavitz rabbi and converted in a big way.  "God bless him", is all I can say.

I thhink that.s a little exrteme, but you know that I believe in honoring one's forebears, so go for it -- better than  the alternative, which is mass hatred and violence.    

Friday, November 15, 2013

the language of language

With such a polyglot globe, might it not make more sense to persue a single  non-verbal laguage than a verbal one?
Drive the jersey turnpike around the frank r. lautenberg secaucus train station for a look into the 1960's future.  Ramps like you write home about.  The World's Fair writ Federal Largesss  God keep you Frank!.  I wanted to put a picture here, but, I could not pick from the many that would do.  That must be tough.      

Friday, November 8, 2013

settings > privacy > x

The number of times I get asked for "secret" information is astounding.

Isn't it?  Iheard a great interview the other day with s "security expert" who was asked about those comanies that claim to be able to "secure your information online"  or "in the cloud"