Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keep them coming

I have been thinking a lot about the immigration debate that is heating up now following the Boston bombings.  Sadly, many are using this sad event as an excuse to propose tightening immigration requirements, claiming that if we just did not let these crazy aliens in, we would all be so much safer.

This of course is disingenuous, as well as insulting to the many proud immigrants who have contributed much to our society.

Aside from the many stories of young people entering the armed forces to defend a country with mixed feelings about taking them in, there are plenty of examples like that of a friend I had dinner with recently.  He came to New York from India as a young man.  After years creating visual effects  for Hollywood blockbusters, he and his business partner created software to help our military find IEDs in Iraq, thus saving countless American lives.

Clearly some of us need constant reminders that our nation was built by immigrants, and we continue to need them.