Saturday, April 12, 2014


I want to just basically get on record here I guess.  Having just watched that great video John recommended.

Presense is really just the ur-advertising space, Just has not yet been discovered, maybe.  Don't want to sound like a cynic, I'm not.  Look at Tumblr, an entirely new medium...

I used to get a little pissed about the conservacan complaints about the "liberal media", when they didn't really understand that the "media r us",and the corporate media are certainly them.  The avowed liberal positions of NBC,CBS,ABC/Disney/ESPN/Whatever  are carefully calculated.  They should just get over it, srsly.  It's all about the money.

As a blue-blooded "Mario Cuomo Liberal", I was shocked, no, actually personally offfended, that a google search of "the medium is the message" on Google did not turn up Marshall MacLuhan at all, and he was low on the list of "the media is the message".

Doesn't anybody care anymore?


Just us old guys I guess... What's weird is realizing how many idiots like me there are out there (HFS - does that stand for "holy fucking shit?" if not it should, our poor wives....

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