Friday, July 10, 2015

Flag on the Field

Through all of the news, conversations, arguments, and vitriol, there is one thread mostly missing.

Why would any state display the flag of a treasonous group that became our  enemy?  Would we display the flag of Great Britain in honor of those brave Englishmen who died here for ther country?

Are the graves here of these men decorated with the Union Jack?

Viewed from this perpective, the racist symbolism, albeit disturbing and insulting, is basically only a part of the offense.

Some in Texas have been talking about leaving the United States for years, to which I have always said, "Go right ahead".  We won't miss you, except maybe a couple decent football teams.  And don't think we'll miss your oil, either.  Before it runs out, which it will someday, you will be scrambling to sell it to the new 49-state USA.  And forget about your taking advantage of the benefits of being in the US, including military protection, obviously including military installations and jobs.  And imagine the difficulties you will have negotiating everything you get from us as a foreign entity, including infrastructure both physical and digital.  Have fun with your gun-filled saloons and schools!

This same argument applies to South Carolina.  You will miss the Snowbirds' money at your beaches, but you can flly whatever flag you want and honor whomever you want.

But to both states, if you want to be part of our United States,you have to play by the rules on which we all agree, including the use of imagery as symbolism, clearly an increasing mode of communication and basis of semiotics (look it up).  You will miss us more than we will miss you.

You are either "on the bus or off the bus".

This is merely tthe opinion of an egghead New Yorker, but I represent a lot of Americans supporting you financially but definitely not ideologically.

I hope your residents think long and hard about this.

Good luck.