Friday, November 30, 2012

boy scout motto

be prepared.
It turns out that money spent on infrastructure improvements in preparation for severe weather events more than pays for itself compared to money paid out in disaster aid. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

May I have my exoskeleton, please?

I have been working on this idea for years now, having gone through a variety of only vaguely useful physical therapy to restore normal function to my own body, and here I see the army is going to have the technology, designed and built by a company I consider the family business, as so many of my relatives have worked there, Raytheon:
bionic strength machine IEEE ARTICLE

bionic strength machine video

A little research shows that the technology has started to leak into the therapy world:
walk therapy

My idea is to take this another step, and use the brain's own signals to move the muscles, via robotics.  To summarize, and I really need to illustrate this, just have not gotten to it yet, brain signals step left foot forward, robotic unit breaks this down into appropriate sets of commands to servos to stimulate appropriate muscles, while exoskeleton provides support.

I know this sounds pie-in-the-sky, but don't all inventions start that way?

More, from Avi Golden:
eavesdropping on the brain

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was watching the 11/15 episode of the Daily Show, and Jon Stewart talks with his guest about how the great American Experiment has improved through the refreshing and diversifying of our population, and not devolved, as the blowhards on Fox News seem to think it is doing now.  He reminds us that most of the ethnic and religious groups now accepted as mainstream and establishment were once outsiders, a point my wife makes when defending her positions on immigration and diversity to our mixed bag of hyphenated American friends.  We all know about the Catholics being outsiders politically until JFK, but there are many other examples.  He points out how odd it is that a Mormon supported this position, given their history of persecution.   

Sunday, November 25, 2012

save CLC?


So is there a architectural angle, that's my question?