Wednesday, September 28, 2011

no more refuge in NYC

Today the MTA rolls out cellphone service in the subway.  Not on the trains, and a few stations at a time.  So no more excuses if you miss a call.  And despite the obvious technological barriers, how long until I have to listen to the guy next to me yammer on with his buddy about the Jets during that nice long quiet stretch on the A between 59th and 124th?

See the Times City Room chief's comment

Monday, September 26, 2011

apple is testing my patience

This is NOT a Apple-bashing rant.  But I have to complain, and hope someone hears me.  I became a dedicated Mac user and Apple supporter because their products just WORK.  But I am getting tired of buying things and being unhappy.   I wish I could afford an iPhone but I just can't.  I keep buying cell phones and then discovering they do not sync with iCal and Address Book.  I can't keep this up.  I had a Motorola Razr that synced fine, but had to buy a new phone. I tried a Nokia and then a Samsung, and neither work.  Then someone told me today that the iPhone does not always sync perfectly either.  Maybe that should make me feel better, but it just makes me sad.  I have had trouble with all three  MacBook Pros I have owned, too.What happened to the great Apple philosophy of making it fun to use computers?  Please don't tell me to go back to Windows.  I use Windows also and have many frustrations, but got used to them because of the generally accepted view that MS just sucks, so live with it.  Apple was supposed to be better than that.

Ferrin Gallery - Contemporary Ceramics, Sculpture, Paintings and Photography

Ferrin Gallery - Contemporary Ceramics, Sculpture, Paintings and Photography

pitttsfield a travel destination

I am always happy to see my hometown on the map :)
From Sunday's New york Times Travel Section

how-to guide

Check this out.  Business Week came out with its "first annual how-to guide".  Although I am not really a Bloomberg kind of guy, there is a lot of value in here.  Don Rumsfeld talks about running a meeting, including tidbits like how to deal with people who only state the obvious (toss them out).  This one on criticism is really valuable I think.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The post-currency economy

I am a huge advocate of the general shift into the 21st century post-currency barter economy.

Just came upon this introduction to "bitcoins".
I don't honestly know if a different currency solves  our economic problems.  I am more inclined to the dental-work-for-homegrown-vegetables type barter.  But...
This is what our friends at MIT say.  It actually explains it in a clearer way so financially-impaired idiots like me can get it.  I am interested in what people think.

solving the infrastructure problem

It's easy.  We don't need to fix the roads.  Just buy yourself a really smart, expensive car, you can drive around the problems:
audi a6 commercial

Friday, September 23, 2011


So privacy is pretty much over I guess.  Everything is tracked.  It is 1984 all over again.  except, see below:

be seen or not seen

those with the best resources get a head start

just as if you were right there

how many entertainers do we need?

Why are we ignoring the basics?