Sunday, October 27, 2019

Help NOT Wanted

If you don't know me,  I am a semi-retired college professor and digital graphics professional who was disabled by a stroke in my 40's, despite good health and no history.  but this story is not really about me; it is universal.

I was motivated to finish this, although working on it for a while, by a twitter comment I saw a few days ago: "No filter, say what you feel".  It made sense in context.

I've always tried to "say what I mean and mean what I say".  No white lies or backing away from the truth..."What a tangled web we weave etc. etc.  My ingrained sense of humor often warps this in ways other people may find offensive at times.  But I say it with a smile, and if it sounds offensive to them, they should call me out on it, which they often do.  If not it remains their problem, not mine.  I have often called people out on things I find offensive, and if a joke, point out that it is not funny.

One consequence of stroke is the effect on executive function, meaning decision-making, working memory, difficulty with transitioning between tasks, organization, control of impulses and emotional responses.  There are more.  See below.  As my filter  is now damaged, my innate "damn-the-torpedos" nature takes over.

Okay, let me get to the point here...

I have some trouble walking because of the stroke.  Living where I do, I am extra careful when weather creates obstacles.  However I consider it good for me, holistically, to get out of my climate-controlled building every day.