Friday, August 14, 2015

Hold THIS (subway story of the day)

Monday, after nearly a week with my family, a long two-train ride back to Grand Central, and a two-train subway trip up to Washington Heights, carrying my small backpack (filled with only my trusty but heavy old Macbook Pro, one t-shirt, shaving kit, kindle, sunglasses, phone charger, and medications), I approached the elevator to the street, which was already packed with one tired-looking woman and her stroller, and a crowd of people who all looked healthy enough to take the stairs.  

I managed to squeeze in, turning around to avoid getting my carry-on caught in the doors, fearing a potential repeat of the incident I reported in my previous "Subway Savior" post.

The well-dressed young man behind me muttered something like, "Can you move away a little?", a useless comment in the elevator, and I was not even sure was directed to me.

But his next comment was:
"Why don't you hold the backpack instead of pushing it into me?", while looking down and clearly seeing my one hand in a wrist brace and the other holding a cane.  I could not decide whether to respond with "Why don't you hold it for me if it's such a problem?" or "Hold THIS", with the appropriate gesture.

But being a good citizen, polite, and not wanted to make a scene for the other passengers, I bit my tongue.

In contrast, when I exited the elevator, after the tired mom, Mr. "Master of the Universe" and the rest of the crowd, a Latino gentleman caught me as I lost my balance and almost fell.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of NYC... at least the guy didn't push me out the doors ;)

Stay chill in the heat of the moment -)
Published 8:05 pm, Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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