Wednesday, December 26, 2012

reality faces fantasy

Those who know me are aware of my zero-tolerance position on assualt weapons, [which I define as Merriam-Webster does:
  any of various automatic or semiautomatic firearms; especially : assault rifle].
I have many reasons for this stance, the primary one being that I have seen no good argument how ownership of a military weapon by a citizen is protected by the law.  But one thing I know that is protectd by the law, and that all Americans should agree on, is free speech -- the first amendment.  This is the basis for Hollywood's argument that they should be free to market violent movies and video games, regardless of their influence on violent behavior, which has never been proven, despite the efforts by the NRA last week to find another fall guy.
As a digital artist and animator who grew up with the technology, I like to remind people that the ability to present convincing fantasy is a gift, but it is still fantasy, which CAN be a healthy way for disturbed or unhappy people to work out their agression  There is an easy way to separate fantasy from reality -- reality involves blood, and real people dying.  It is that simple.  You do not need a degree in psychiatry to know that; nor are you necessarily mentally ill if you cross that line voluntarily.

We are a violent species and violence is a cultural mainstay.  The second story in the Bible is about fratricide.  If Hollywood is to be restrained from making violent movies, should the Metropolitan Opera not put on productions of "Salome", to avoid a new epidemic of well-dressed women demanding men's heads brought to them on plates?  The far right is fond of using the "slippery slope" argument; I think it is entirely appropriate here.  Is the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey leading to a dramatic increase in sado-masochistic deaths?

However, after reading the below in the Christmas Day Times, It looks like Hollywood and the game companies shot themselves in the foot:
   I sincerely hope, for my friends in the industry, for gameplayers everywhere, and for those who belive in doing the right thing, that the game companies wise up, and do not assist in the marketing of "true death" to coin a phrase :)

And I would much rather see full employment in the game sector than in the gun-manufacturing sector.


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